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Don't Look Now But Lovely Things are Happening
Behind You . . .


You don't have to give up comfort to get control.  Now you can achieve fashion figure control with our patented light-weight control garment without restricting circulation.

bulletMade from Lycra with 180% expansion
bulletNo discomfort
bulletRelieves pressure from you lower back.

Our fashion figure control garment gives you a great look - no matter what view.  The FFC is so light - you won't even be conscious of wearing it.  But you'll definitely want to.

The FFCs are available in Brief, Medium, and Long Leg Lengths.  Colors - White, Beige and black.


You're Half-way There!


Our simple, breathable, front-hook closing waist trimmer helps you look your best, whether you are dressed for a day at the office or for a night out on the town.  Nu-Shape comfortably slims your figure and creates a NEW YOU!




The perfect garment to give you the smooth look in fashion. Wearing the right bra and FFC sometimes leaves your midsection needing comfortable support.  This garment will give you a great, smooth look with the added plus of aiding in better posture and wonderful back support.