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The opportunities in a career as a Colesce Consultant are limitless.  Effort and energy are the two ingredients most critical to a successful career.  Perhaps the background story of Kathleen Leinen can provide some insight into the road to success.

Kathleen graduated from nursing school and became a Registered Nurse.  Soon thereafter she discovered a Fibroid Adenoma tumor in her breast.  The doctors recommended that she find a good support bra because of the removal of the tumor.  That led her to investigate all available support bra resources.  She found the Colesce bra to be the solution.

Kathleen is a very resourceful person who also cares for people.  She saw not only a solution for herself, but the nursing experience in her pushed her to get involved with the Colesce program to help others like her and enlighten others regarding the healthy care of their bodies.  

Kathleen began fitting custom fitted bras and prosthesis in 1968.  Her insight and dedication, combined with those two critical ingredients, effort and energy, have made her a highly successful business woman.  She has attained the position of Regional Vice President and is an International Regional Director. 

Kathleen's 45 plus years of success as an independent dealer of Figurette/Jeunique/Colesce products is the crown jewel of her organization.  She possesses the knowledge and experience that new consultants have access to.  This resource can be your rocket to success, too!

Kathleen's goal when she started as a consultant and continues today is to make available to everyone a support bra.

This success story can be yours, too.  If you believe this career may be for you, please click on the "Contact Us" button on the navigation bar on the left of this screen.  Fill in the requested information and submit.  The rest may be your new beginning!